Species:  Semiotus Imperialis
Common Name: Click Beetle
Origin: Peru
Frame size: 4″ wide x 5″ tall
Frame Color: Black
Wood Frame: Finest Handmade Museum Quality Sealed Shadowbox Display.
Glass: 99% UV Blocking Museum Grade Conservation Glass to Prevent Insect Fading.
Background: Insect Name & Origin Printed on Old World Style Parchment Backing.
Materials: Archival & Acid Free materials. Picture Hanger Included.
Description: Colorful orange pin striped  beetle commonly known as click beetles or elater beetle. These odd beetles have sort of a hinge across their body that allows it to bend. If a click beetle ends up on its back it can’t roll over since its legs are to short instead It bends its body then snaps with a clicking sound This flings the beetle through the air. If the beetle ends up on its back again it just keeps snapping until it lands on it’s feet. Click beetles also do this when they are picked up, this can cause the predator to drop them.

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