Bat-Pipistrellus javanicus

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Species: Pipistrellus javanicus
Native origin: Indonesia
Color: brown
Common name: Java Pipistrelle
Interesting Trait:  Furry brown hair with vampire fangs
Frame size: 9 1/2″ wide x 8″ tall
Frame Color: black
Wood Frame: Finest Handmade Museum Quality Sealed Shadowbox Display.
Glass: 99% UV Blocking Museum Grade Conservation Glass to Prevent Bat From Ever Fading.
Background: Name & Origin Printed on Old World Style Parchment Backing.
Materials: Archival & Acid Free materials. Picture Hanger Included.
Description: This furry brown bat with sharp vampire fangs like teeth roosts in trees, crevices and cracks in walls and ceilings of houses and feeds off of insects  This taxidermy bat has an  7″ wingspan.